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Fiction Friday

This is my first foray back into Fiction Friday in quite a while. Shameful, considering I help run the damn thing.

This didn’t really come out the way I wanted it to, but the no editing this is my own rule…

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for December 12, 2008:

Tell us the story behind this picture:
Fiction Friday Prompt

Y: What happened?
X: Oh…just a misunderstanding.
Y: A misunderstanding? That’s it?
X: Well, ok. A big misunderstanding.
Y: Are you going to elaborate?
X: It looks like your going to make me.
Y: No…I’m just…
X: Just what?
Y: I’m your friend right? I’m just making sure you’re ok.
X: I’m fine. It’s really not that big a deal.
Y: Are you sure? You seem…down.
X: I’m sure. He came over last night…he got a little…angry…and he left. That’s all.
Y: So he did it?
X: Yes. But like I said it’s not a big deal.
Y: I hope you kicked him out.
X: No. Like I said, he left.
Y: Are you sure you’re OK?
X: I’m fine. You don’t seem to be hearing me…it’s not a big deal.
Y: How could you say that? You love this place.
X: …huh?…
Y: …Do you get the feeling we’re not talking about the same thing?
X: All the time.
Y: So what are you talking about?
X: He broke up with me last night?
Y: Oh…Why?
X: You.
Y: Me?!
X: You.
Y: What’s wrong with me?
X: You want you and me to be us.
Y: Oh.
X: Thank you for not denying it.
Y: And he could tell.
X: Everyone can tell.
Y: Why did it bother him?
X: He thought that I wanted the same thing.
Y: Oh.
Y: …Do you?
X: You’ve been wanting to ask me that for two years, haven’t you?
Y: Longer.
X: Yes.
Y: Huh?
X: I was answering your question…Yes.
Y: Oh.
X: You’re nervous.
Y: I know.
X: What were you talking about?
Y: What?
X: Well we’ve established what I was talking about. What about you?
Y: Oh. Your front window is broken.
X: Oh, that…
Y: What happened?
X: Nothing important. Just some kids and a baseball.
Y: So…just a misunderstanding?
X: A big one I’d say.
Y: Quit smirking.

One thought on “Fiction Friday

  1. No matter that it didn’t turn out the way you planned, I certainly enjoyed it! 🙂 I’ve had “crossed communications” before, and could certainly relate.. although none as so severely crossed as broken window vs break-up, LoL!


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