The Arms of Robert Muccio

Blazon of Arms: Tierced in Pall enhanced Argent, Azure and Tenne, two Golf Clubs in Saltire Argent, hafted Sable between three Plates two and one

Arms of Robert MuccioBadge of Robert Muccio

Blazon of Mantling and Crest: On a Wreath Argent, Azure and Tenne a Panache of three Ostrich Feathers, Azure, Argent and Tenne

Motto: JUSTUM ET TANECEM PROPOSITE – Just and Firm of Purpose

Blazon of Mantling: Per Pale Tenne and Azure doubled Argent

Blazon of Badge: A Home Plate parted per pale Azure and Tenne surmounted by a pair of Golf Clubs in Saltire Argent, hafted Sable


About the Design:

This one was designed as a birthday present for a friend. It was surprise for him, so I wasn’t able to get his input. But his wife, his and son helped me out with suggestions and a critical eye.

The colors and background pattern were the easiest part of this design. The armiger played baseball for many years, at various amateur levels. He was a catcher for so long that now he can barely walk. And, growing up in New Jersey, he’s been a Mets fan his whole life. So I chose a design that reminded me of the tip of home plate, and incorporated the colors of the Mets.

The main element of the shield is what gave me the most trouble. The armiger was a caterer for many years and I spent the better part of a week trying to come up with a good charge that would show this element of his life. I went through knives, food, and fires before I finally settled on an oven. I liked it, but his family had reservations. It seems that while he was a caterer for 30 years or so, it was never something he saw as defining him—it was just a job. So after talking it over with his wife, I decided to remove the golf clubs I had planned to put in the crest and drop them prominently on the shield, instead. Although the armiger has never been more than a hobby golfer, it something that he loves to do with his son, so this way the arms are more about the family than about the individual. The three plates are meant to represent either golf balls or baseballs…or both.

Crest: With all the important elements in the shield, his wife like the idea of having the crest just display the colors. So I went with the most classic of crests, three ostrich feathers.

Motto: The motto means “Just and Firm of Purpose.” I thought it appropriate for someone who can be so determined.

Badge: As with the crest I wanted something simple for a badge, so I chose something very similar to the arms, doing nothing more than removing the plates, and changing the three-colored shield, to a two-colored home plate.

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