The Arms of Christopher Stevens

Blazon of Arms: Per Fess Enhanced Gules a Vol Argent and Gyronny of Sixteen Azure and Argent

Arms of Christopher Stevens

Blazon of Mantling and Crest: Upon a Wreath Argent and Gules a Bison Head Affronty Sable

Motto: AB SUPERO NON VISI – From above, Unseen


About the Design:

A few months ago a friend of mine, and fellow drummer, asked me for some help in designing and assuming his own arms. He’s done enough research to know that there is no such thing as family arms, and decided he wanted a little help in coming up with his own. He is a veteran of the US Army, and of the second gulf war, and—aside from his family—he said that the thing he was the proudest of was his service as a paratrooper.

The blue and silver pinwheel pattern across the bottom of the shield represents the view looking up into—or down onto—a deployed parachute. The wings on the top half are a nod to the common symbol of many paratrooper units. The upturned wings are common among paratroopers, while wings that extend out straight is more common among pilots.

The colors? Although I’m sure he’s fine with his colors mirroring the colors of Old Glory, in this case Red and Blue just happen to be his favorite colors.

The Bison as a crest was chosen, not only for its strength, but also for the animal’s place in American history and lore.

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