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Driving is Fun Again

OK, I’m probably showing my age here, but…

Is it just me or has the freefall in gas prices made driving fun again.

Yesterday I filled up for $1.46/gal. Just over two months ago I filled up—at the same station—for $4.86/gal.

That’s a 70% drop in two months.

At $4.86 driving was a constant stress. With 4 kids I never had enough money left over to fill the tank, so I was always checking mileage, riding with no air conditioning, keeping the speed around 50 even on the highway—hoping I had enough gas until I got paid on Friday.

But now with prices back to 2002 levels, driving isn’t nearly as stressful. I can afford to run errands again, instead of letting them bunch up and taking care of all of them at Wal-Mart (the closest business to my home).

My first real car (aside from the puke-green Pinto that lasted six weeks) was a diesel VW Rabbit. I used to fill that up for $10 and drive for a week and a half, and that was with my college and home across the city from each other. So the lower gas bills are giving driving a very nostalgic feel right now.

I know the economy is doing badly right now, and I really do feel for the people who are struggling—hell, I’m one of them. But this silver lining is awfully…silver.

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