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WordPress 2.7 and Comments

When it comes to designing WordPress themes I guess I’m not quite ready for prime time.

WordPress 2.7 was released a couple of days ago and I have upgraded. The new interface behind the scenes is nice, but I’ve been using it on (for a blog I contribute to) for a couple of weeks now.

And the functionality I was looking forward to—the new way WP handles comments—is a little more complicated to implement than just installing the latest version.

Supposedly the new version included comment threading—so that I, or other visitors can respond to previous comments—and comment pagination—so posts with large numbers of comments don’t go on and on for ever.

Strictly speaking, this blog doesn’t need either of these new features—after all, in the last month I’ve gotten about 25 comments. But as someone who designs websites and blog templates here and there for a few extra bucks, I feel it’s a good idea to understand how to use the new functionality.

Well at least so far WP2.7 comments are confusing. I carefully followed the instructions provided on for installing the new features, and all I got was an oddly formatted version of what I already had.

I guess the best way for me to figure it out is to find a functional WP2.7 theme and dissect it.

I probably shouldn’t quit my day job.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 and Comments

  1. Heya Dale! Netchick sent me!

    Yeah, I do just a smidgen of design and I have huge issues wrapping my head around most of the WP code.

    Anyway, love the theme you’ve got here. Very unique and very cool!


  2. Just like the others, Netchick sent me here. By the way, I love WordPress 2.7. I just wish I had been able to use it a long time ago, like the folks who have blogs.


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