The Arms of Dale C. Roe

Blazon of Arms: Gules a Lion Rampant Argent head and mane Or on a Chief Azure four Clarions Argent

Arms of Dale C. RoeBadge of Dale C. Roe

Blazon of Mantling and Crest: On a Wreath Argent, Gules and Azure a Talbot passant Sable supporting over the dexter shoulder a Candle Argent enflamed at both ends proper

Motto: NON DORMIO – I Sleep Not

Blazon of Badge: A Wavy Sword upright enfiled by Two Candles in Saltire Argent each enflamed at both ends proper

Arms Registered in Memoriam 2008. United States Heraldic Registry #20080609C
Arms inherited, Crest, Badge and Motto Assumed 2008. United States Heraldic Registry #20080609D


About the Design:

In the strictest sense I did not design my arms. Yes I am responsible for the design on my own shield, but technically these are my father’s arms which I inherited. The story of their design is told on the page about my father’s arms—you can read that here. However, since I inherited my father’s arms, I decided I needed a way to say a little something about myself. So instead of inheriting everything, I designed my own crest, badge and motto.

Crest: I went through many drafts trying to come up with something as the central element for my crest before ultimately deciding on a dog. I think in the end I chose the dog largely because I think animals look really nice as crests. I love dogs, and through my life I have had almost 20 as pets, and I’ve rescued at least 35 strays and found them homes. I’m not sure I ever had a choice in this. If I’m out for a walk, dogs will practically drag their owners across the street to knock me down and play. My mother says it happened even when I was an infant. On top of that I think a dog stands for loyalty, a trait I admire in myself so I thought that black dog up there was a good symbol. Why black? No real reason except I thought it looked nice with the white candle.

About that candle. Most people, looking at the crest for the first time, assume I am trying to say that I’m busy. Well, I am, but that’s not really what I was going for. I’m actually a terrible insomniac. I’ll go through phases where I’ll get only two to three hours of sleep each night for months (even years at one point). And the candle burning at both ends seemed a good metaphor for someone who is up at night, vigilant.

Badge: There’s a lot going on in this design. Most of the individual elements represent important people in my life. Additionally, the four flames and two candles are a visual representation of the number 42, a number that at the same time symbolizes my love of books, writing and humor—if you don’t get it, google “42”.

Motto: The motto means “I Sleep Not,” another double-allusion to both loyalty and insomnia.

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