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Flip this Blog

This blog has been floundering.  For a while.  Two years ago I moved away from my self-hosted site, to this wordpress-hosted site because I was letting the blog go to waste, and I was paying money to let it happen.  But even after I moved it I didn’t seem to do anything with it.

This past week, Kristen and I decided to help each other write more.  The first step is to challenge the other to blog more often—the idea being that writing at least semi-consistently in a public format will help prime the creative pump.  Once that’s done—hopefully—it will be easier to make the transition to getting back to writing the creative stuff we both enjoy.

What you’re looking at now is the redesign—and new focus—of this blog.  I’ve spruced it up a little with a new (free) theme and a few graphics found around the web.  I’ve also changed the title to reflect what I’m planning to use this space for—the rediscover my place in the creative world.


I hope you like the design—feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

The URL is but also redirects here.

And I hope if you follow me, and stick around for a bit, you’ll get something out of the journey.

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I ushered in 2014 by making myself a promise. I wanted to write. As part of that I wanted to revitalize my blog. My reasoning was—and still is—that if I’m working to update my blog on a regular basis, I’ll be writing more often, and this should bleed into other areas of writing. It’s the same idea that journaling everyday will help us write more.

To give myself a real consequence I said that if I didn’t make significant contributions to my blog, that I would delete it.

Well, it’s late March, and I haven’t changed my habits much. So I converted my self-hosted blog, to a free WordPress blog. I cancelled my webhosting, although I did keep my domain registration—and forwarded it to my free blog.

Hopefully, this will stop me from frittering away writing time, by maintaining, updating and tweaking the design of my blog. I’ll still spend a little time choosing the right template, and customizing the header….but after that, there’s not much else to tinker with unless I want to spend more money.

Hopefully this move, will convince me that I’m serious about my writing—and when I threaten myself with a consequence, I’ll follow through.

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Starting Over

Welcome to my new blogging home.

I’ve been writing for well over a decade. I’ve been blogging for about three years. Unfortunately in the last eighteen months, I’ve forgotten how to do both.

I’ve tried to break out of my creative funk—and over the last two months I’ve had a modicum of success with the writing—but every time I’d think about my blog I’d see the date of my last post and get depressed. So I decided that a change of scenery would be nice.

So I’ve closed my old blog (I won’t be deleting it, but there will be no more posts and I’ve closed all comments), redesigned it from top to bottom, and started this blog with a clean slate, and a promise to myself to blog t least 5 times each week.

I had a little fun with this design—the theory being that the lighthearted design will make it more fun for me to come back each day.

So have a look around. At the top of the sidebar you’ll find links to my stories, some information about heraldry (another hobby of mine), and some vague facts about my family.

So, what do you think?

Oh, and if you came here from my old blog, be sure to update your RSS feed.