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Lost in Time

I feel lost.

Like it or not, we’re creatures of habit. The details day-to-day details may change a bit, but in general our days, weeks, months and years follow a loose pattern. Upsetting this pattern can make us feel lost in our own lives.

Since Thursday night my life has been off kilter. Friday, Saturday & Sunday were lost to a combination of violent headaches and the haze of medication. Monday I took off work to recover from the hangover of the weekend. Then today we had an unexpected snow day.

I know for those of you who live with snow on a regular basis, 6 inches of fluff is no big deal, but for a city with only and handful of plows, and no snow tires anywhere, it doesn’t take much to shut a city down for a day.

All of this has amounted to 5 days—so far—completely out of my routine.

And it’s got me feeling a bit…off.

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