Can’t Enjoy the Cold Weather

Tonight promises to be the coldest night of the season so far—10°, and 0° with the wind chill. That may not seem like much to you northerners, but it’s fairly cold for Raleigh.

I love the cold weather. I grew up in Miami, where winter consisted of one cold night, where everyone broke out the sweaters and parkas they’d been given as gifts. Then by noon the next day it was back to 70°. So once I left Miami, I was happy to have actual seasons.

So normally the coming sub-freezing weekend would have me jazzed. But right now I’m a prisoner in my own skin. Two days ago I started a cycle of cluster headaches. And for anywhere from a few days to a couple of months I can expect a series of crippling headaches each day.

Even if we get snow Sunday night, as they’re predicting, I won’t get to enjoy it.


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  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think your comic strip / illustration is hot. You have some talent here!


  2. Brandon says:

    Hi…Netchick sent me. Love the design of your blog, looks great.

    I just moved back to Washington State after three years in Southern California and I haven’t been able to get used to the cold. I’m afraid that beautiful SoCal weather has spoiled me forever.


  3. Hi there – Tanya sent me! 🙂 Your blog is awesome – most creative I’ve seen. Hey, if you get a chance, pop by my blog. You wanna talk COLD? 😉


  4. Well, I’ve never seen snow, how about that?

    It sucks when health gets in your way. I was sick the first few days back at work. Did you see my Muse Flash post?


  5. Sarcasmom says:

    If the headaches are inevitable, I hope they are at least short lived. I am intrigued by your blog. It is so original. And I am in awe of the declaration ” I am a writer”. I wish I could say that. I am, at last, a blogger. Tanya sent me.


  6. mw says:

    I understand the desire for seasons, though I’m from ‘up north’, and so I’ve got a little too much of them. The headaches sound terrible – I’m so sorry that you are having them. Tanya sent me, though every time I stop here I’m always impressed and glad I came.


  7. Carmi says:

    I can completely appreciate how living in a given part of the world can change your sensitivity to changes in weather. After two weeks in Florida, I swear it felt like our blood had thinned somewhat as we returned to our customary freezing weather in the Great White North.

    I love being Canadian, but what I wouldn’t give to be back on a warm beach, watching my kids play. Sigh…off I go to walk the dog in the bitter cold.

    Wonderful to e-see you again! I absolutely LOVE your layout. It instantly hits my brain as unique, and so very you.


  8. Mr. Althouse says:

    I love the cold weather as well, but I am also not complaining about the unseasonably warm weather here in Sacramento. I used to live in Truckee, CA – at an elevation of about 6,000, the winters there are (or used to be) like a winter wonderland… and I do miss it.

    Tanya sent me.


  9. Nice artwork.

    NetChick sent me 2.

    Do you ever do anything political in nature?


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