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Chapter 7

Recently, I participated in a collaborative writing project over at Write Anything.

Karen gathered together seven writers and we wrote a story broken up into seven chapters.

It was in interesting experience, for although I had a vote in what we wrote about, my vote didn’t win. So the upshot was that I had to write a story about a plot and character I wasn’t wild about. Which I guess is sort of the point of collaborative writing projects. Since we don’t get our own way we have to learn to adapt.

I thought the end result turned out pretty good.

Between now and next Friday, the chapters will be posted, one at a time, on the Write Anything blog. I wrote Chapter 4, so my part will be posted Monday.

Also, after it’s over, the story will be available in an ebook. I don’t have the details right now on how to get a copy, but I do know what the cover will look like…

Chapter 7

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