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Chapter 4 of Chapter 7

On Friday, I mentioned a collaborative writing project I recently participated in called Chapter 7. Seven different authors tell a story in seven chapters.

I was responsible for Chapter 4, and it was published at Write Anything today.

Here’s a small sample:

John put his hand on his brother’s shoulders and waited until Bob met his eyes. “You love this girl.”

“No,” Bob replied reflexively.

“It wasn’t a question, Bob. You love her.”

“I do not,” he said rather more weakly than he’d intended.

You can read the whole chapter here, or if you want to read the story from the beginning head over to the story index.

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Chapter 7

Recently, I participated in a collaborative writing project over at Write Anything.

Karen gathered together seven writers and we wrote a story broken up into seven chapters.

It was in interesting experience, for although I had a vote in what we wrote about, my vote didn’t win. So the upshot was that I had to write a story about a plot and character I wasn’t wild about. Which I guess is sort of the point of collaborative writing projects. Since we don’t get our own way we have to learn to adapt.

I thought the end result turned out pretty good.

Between now and next Friday, the chapters will be posted, one at a time, on the Write Anything blog. I wrote Chapter 4, so my part will be posted Monday.

Also, after it’s over, the story will be available in an ebook. I don’t have the details right now on how to get a copy, but I do know what the cover will look like…

Chapter 7