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Milestones and Checkpoints

Tomorrow marks the end of Today’s Author’s first year. Rob and I started this blog because another blog was ending it’s run, and we didn’t feel like we were done. When we started we really didn’t know what to expect, or what this would become. We had a few authors we knew who decided to come on board, and a few we were less familiar with. And while I don’t know what Rob would say, as long as we got a little traffic and a little participation, I’d call it a success. But I think we got a lot more than that.

Today’s Author’s 2013

  • 269 Posts (counting this one and tomorrow’s writing prompt) – That includes:
    • 152 Posts by our writers
    • 107 Write Now Writing Prompts
    • 10 Writer’s Circle Discussions
  • 1647 Comments (as of the drafting of this post) – That’s a little more than 6 comments per post.
  • 15 Writers – That includes some writers we’d never even “met” when this blog started. We’ve lost a couple in the last year to busy schedules. And we’ve had one take a step back to deal with a terrible, terrible year–and hope she’ll be back to the pen sometime soon in 2014.

Looking deeper than just the numbers:

  • We’ve had our own Sharon Pratt have a post featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed section, which presents highlights from around the blogging platform’s community.
  • Our Tuesday and Friday Wite Now Prompts are now listed on The Daily Post, one of WordPress’ own blogs (about blogging).
  • And perhaps, most importantly, we have steadily grown a community of writers whose goal is to help inspire and motivate each other.

It’s all better than I’d hoped. Now I’m anxious to hear what you think–our readers and our contributors. How do you think we’ve done in 2013, and what would you like to see in 2014?

9 thoughts on “Milestones and Checkpoints

  1. Just a “thank you” to Dale and Rob for all your hard work and dedication to the site over the past year. I’m thankful you asked me to be a part of the site from the beginning, and it’s certainly helped motivate and propel my creative writing journey!


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