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Muse Flash: Where Do You Find New Music?

Where Do You Find New Music? Apart from my teen and preteen I don’t know anyone who listens to the radio. With all the different forms of satellite radio, internet radio, file-sharing, online music and etc. it’s a wonder anyone puts up with the commercials anymore. So how do you find out about new bands and new songs or do you just keep reliving the old days?

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I find new music primarily through two sources. The first, Pandora, is a little more traditional—in the sense that it is musical in nature. It’s a web service that is designed to recommend music based on other music that you like. Some of their recommendations you’ll like and some you won’t, but you can make the suggestions more tailored to you. Over the past three years I’ve had moderate success with Pandora, though it’s been better as a background soundtrack than for real discovery.

The second source is ESPN Radio. I listen to it on Sirius Radio and online and they sometimes fill in the spaces for regular commercials with lead in music. In the last two years I’ve been introduced to The Lift, Carolina Liar and Thriving Ivory, all from the filler music on ESPN Radio.

Now it’s your turn. Answer this question on your own blog, then leave a comment with your answer and a link to your post.

Muse Flash is a new feature, where I’ll give you a topic for your own blog. I’m going to try it for a few posts and see if it has legs.

5 thoughts on “Muse Flash: Where Do You Find New Music?

  1. I’ve just finished 104,000 words so am relaxing – if you can call sending letters and chapters here there and everywhere relaxing. I’m afraid I can’t concentrate if I have music playing. Sad isn’t it?
    Tanya sends her best.


  2. I used to be a Pandora zealot, but then they began blocking non-U.S. IP addresses after their international licensing arrangements fell apart on them.

    I’ve been using since then, and it offers pretty much the same thing in a Canada-friendly package. Very, very impressive and useful technology. I’ve discovered just how bizarre my musical tastes have become 🙂


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