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Fiction Friday

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for December 19, 2008:

Write a short scene, with exactly two characters that involves a terrible Christmas (or similar holiday) present.

A: What is it?
B: He called it an “object duh art”.
A: That’s cute.
B: That?!
A: No…that he tried to say it in French.
B: That’s what saved me?
A: What did?
B: His “French” pronunciation…he thought that’s what I was laughing at.
A: OK…so…objet d’art…But what is it?
B: I didn’t have the heart to ask him.
A: Is there a tag?
B: No.
A: Where did he get it?
B: At an art festival.
A: He went to an art festival.
B: Yep.
A: On his own?
B: No. He dragged his friends along with him.
A: You’re kidding.
B: Evidently they stopped at one on the way to one of the games.
A: Now you have to be kidding.
B: He says they were all walking around in football jerseys getting weird looks from the artists.
A: I can imagine. I wish I could have seen that.
B: Me too.
A: So he went to an art festival…
B: Yep…for that.
A: No. Not for that.
B: For what then?
A: If he went an art festival, he went for you. That…was an unintended consequence.
A: Oh, don’t look so damned giddy.
B: Sorry.
A: So are you going to leave it out?
B: Of course I am.
A: Where?
B: That depends on what it is.
A: It might be a pitcher.

8 thoughts on “Fiction Friday

  1. I’m trying to imagine what this object d’art actually looks like and I’m getting a Darli-esque picture in my head! Loved the ‘object duh art’. Sounds like something Homer might say 😀

    Netcheck sent me 🙂


  2. Short and sweet. I love the snappy dialogue that gets to the crux of the story. I particularly love the idea of a bunch of football dudes wandering around an art gallery show/opening.

    That’s love for you!

    And I never considered (until I just read Tammi’s comment) the double meaning of pitcher. Aussie sensibilities I guess.


  3. Having been one of those athletes who tried to do the art show thing (I was a pitcher, actually)… this one hit home nicely. I am absolutely certain that a number of people had this very conversation about a gift I made or gave! (Them: is it an ash tray or a coffee mug? Me: No, it’s a cookie jar, duh!)

    Very good work with the dialogue to tell the whole story.


  4. Netchick sent me to say hi!
    I enjoyed this! As I was reading this, I could see the puzzled expressions as I tried to imagine what it was he was possessed to buy her.



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