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Muse Flash: When You Grew Up…

What did you want to be when you grew up? Not when you were twelve and were giving the question serious thought, but when you were eight and the world was still all magic and possibilities.

Answer this question on your own blog, then leave a comment with your answer and a link to your post.

I wanted to be the voice of Donald Duck. I don’t remember when I learned that I could imitate Donald Duck’s voice, or if it was by chance of by effort on my part. All the way back to the crib I found Donald Duck to be hilarious, and his voice especially so. My mother said that when we went to Disney World when I was about a year and a half old, that I wanted nothing to do with Mickey, and freaked out when my parents told me that I’d only get to meet Donald if we found him (evidently, the day was saved by a helpful DW cast member).

During my youth I spent hours, practicing the voice—first from read-along books, and later from toys and Saturday morning cartoons. Speaking in Donald’s voice never failed to make my mom or papa laugh, and I think one of the reasons I practiced it so much was because it seemed it could cheer people up when they were down. By the time I was about ten years old, no one I knew could tell the difference between me and Clarence Nash.

Alas, real life crept in, and the removal of my wisdom teeth altered the voice. I don’t do the voice often anymore—largely because after the wisdom teeth came out, it’s a little painful—but it’s a surefire way to make the kids laugh, even if they’re having a bad day.

Now it’s your turn. Answer this question on your own blog, then leave a comment with your answer and a link to your post.

Muse Flash is a new feature, where I’ll give you a topic for your own blog. I’m going to try it for a few posts and see if it has legs.

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