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I’ve Never Been More Glad I’m Poor

Have you been watching the markets lately? Of course you have. It seems everyone has.

I know few people at work, because not only am I a contractor, but I’ve also been there a fairly short period of time. But that gives me great freedom to just listen to other’s conversations.

I don’t eavesdrop per se, but my desk is just one cubicle wall separated from a prime loafing and chit-chat zone. And the last few weeks it seems no one is talking about anything but how much money they’re losing.

I just keep my mouth shut. Because you see, I was poor to start with, so the economic downturn isn’t hurting me so bad.

I have no stocks or 401k to wither along with Wall Street. Well I do technically have 1 measly little 401k from a previous employer, but when this whole thing started it wouldn’t have paid for an average laptop, so a 20% loss doesn’t hurt all that much.

I rent, so plummeting home values simply makes it more likely that I’ll be able to buy in the next few years—or it may just be safer to continue renting

And for those of us with little to lose, there is another benefit. Gas is downright cheap again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t revel in the losses of my co-workers, friends and family. But don’t expect me to cry when your risky investments come crashing down and suddenly you have to live my lifestyle for a year or two.