Eric Thomas Ropiteau

Eric Thomas Ropiteau

Life was going well for Eric, before it was cut short.

On September 10, he called his Mom to tell her the good news—he and three of his friends had just signed a lease for a large apartment in Brooklyn—he was barely able to contain his glee. Just a few months earlier he has began working at TradeSpark, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald. Just a few days earlier he has bought a bonsai tree with his girlfriend, Fabienne—they named it Herbert.

An online tribute from a college friend describes him as having an infectious energy. Over and over again he’s described a guy everyone liked.

This year I remember Eric Thomas Ropiteau.

While researching this post I found this message:

By Lara Ropiteau on Thursday, September 13, 2001 – 01:02 am:

I am looking for my brother, Eric Ropiteau. He works at tradespark/Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of Tower one. He is a 6’4″ white male with black hair. He is 24 years old. Please contact me with any information. Thank you.

It’s painful to read that knowing that her plea will never be answered…at least not with good news. Also troubling is that Eric was one of the few that Project 2,996 failed in it’s first year.

Just today I received an email from his sister, asking that I be sure to include him in this year’s tribute.

Lara, I’m sorry for your loss—sorry beyond the ability of words to express.

8 thoughts on “Eric Thomas Ropiteau

  1. Visited Ground Zero in Jan 2014 and took a photo by onw of the pools…..the only name visible was Eric’s… sad, condolences to his family on this very sad anniversary


  2. I taught Eric when he was a second grader at Harley. He was a very sweet and shy little boy back then. I’ll always remember his smile and those deep, thoughtful eyes. Know that I pray for him and remember him specifically every 9/11.


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