I’ve been interested in heraldry for many years. As far back as I can remember I’ve always admired arms, and their heraldic accoutrements. I find the combination of history and graphical metaphor intriguing. Over the years I’d picked up a small collection of books on the subject but never considered it anything other than a diversion—a historical hobby.

But early this year I stumbled across two online organizations that showed me that though an historical hobby, and an uncommon hobby, heraldry can still be an active hobby.

The American Heraldry Society and the International Association of Amateur Heralds each gave me the opportunity both to design arms and to see others design arms. To listen to, and occasionally participate in, debates. And to read research from those much more learned in the field than I.

To date I have designed arms for my father and I, a friend, and an online project. Here are the thumbnails of those designs. Click on the armiger’s name for a better look, and for some information on the designs.

Arms of Dale C. Roe
Dennis Roe
Arms of Dale C. Roe
Dale C. Roe
Arms of Project 2,996
Project 2,996
Arms of Robert Muccio
Robert Muccio
Arms of Charles Purcell
Charles Purcell
Arms of Janevieve Grabert
Janevieve Grabert
Arms of Christopher Stevens
Christopher Stevens

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